Friday, October 22, 2004

Just a few words about the Yankees

First of all - and this is most definitely not sour grapes - the wildcard sucks. Why would we want to reward anyone for coming in second? It's almost un-American. I guess it's here to stay, but they could have easily added another division and had winners play winners, not also-rans. But anyway ...

We were beaten, badly. It was somewhat of a miracle that we even got that far with the miserable excuse of a pitching staff we put on the field this year. Boston's staff - with the exception of Pedro - was awesome.

Now Boston fans have to decide if this was the "greatest collapse" or the "greatest comeback" in baseball history. Either way they are getting way ahead of themselves. Because St. Louis is going to kick their butts (i am calling it in 5) and when the dust settles on the 2004 baseball season, the Yankees will still have won the division, the Cards will have won the series and the Red Sox will be the holders of a meaningless ALCS championship, tainted by the inclusion of the wildcard.

And to all you idiotic Met fans who somehow manage to feel that the Yankee loss makes their pathetic existence any better - get lost and get a life.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Liam Francis Prisco

It all happened on July 16, 2004.

That was the day that Liam came into our world and just like everybody had been telling me for the last nine months or so, everything in my world was about to change.

We had visited the doctor the day before and when Lizz came out of the examination room she calmly stated, "we're going to the hospital." As in, right now. Her blood pressure had been a little high, so the doctor determined it was go time. She was going to be admitted and labor would be induced. We were giddy as we drove home to get her bag and then back into town to the hospital. Lizz was ready, and I was as ready as I would ever be.

We didn't take any Lamaze classes, didn't watch any videos. We sat through a little lecture at the hospital, but it wasn't very detailed. So basically I had no real idea of what was to come. I figured I would be surrounded by people who knew what they were doing, did this every day and would tell me what I should and shouldn't do.

We got to Huntington Hospital and Lizz checked in. They have these very nice birthing suites - private rooms with all the pleasures of home - plus a bed that converts into a delivery table. I sat around for a while and somebody eventually told me to go home. My plan was working.

They induced Lizz the next morning and by the time I arrived she was already in major discomfort. Various doctors and nurses popped into the room, taking blood and generally doing what they do. Eventually the pain became too much for Lizz and the epidoral was scheduled. That brought Lizz to a happy place, but Liam was not being cooperative. After a few pushing attempts, the doctor explained to us that the baby was experience some stress, and although she said we could still deliver if she didn't like what she saw she would recommend a c-section. That being said, if we wanted we could just go to a c-section rather than wait out hours of pushing and pain. She said that she would leave the room and give us time to discuss it but before she even turned around Lizz said, "Let's do it!"

From that minute it was go time. The teams were assembled. The doctor and anethesiologist took us step by step through the procedure. Lizz was wheeled into the surgery room and I got into my one-size-fits-all hospital outfit. 45 minutes from the time Lizz gave the OK, Liam Francis came into our lives.

Its now been three months since that day and every day has been enhanced by this little guy. We have been lucky - he is a happy, healthy baby. Sleeps through the night now. Lots of smiles and we are getting into some real interaction, making it very hard to leave him in the morning. Like everyone says, it changes everything.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

They Grow Up So Fast!

Can you believe it?
Liam Francis has been with us for three weeks now and it has been three weeks of totally amazing joy. Needless to say, things went as good as possible for mother and child. We were blessed with a beautiful baby boy who seems to have come with a wonderful frame of mind. So far, only a bit of fuss when he's hungry - with is pretty much all the time - but a bottle and he is good to go. I know nobody is reading this but I just felt bad that I almost immediately abandoned yet another blog and I want to keep this up to date. I will detail all of the details in the next post. Now, I must get a bottle to the boy!

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A Son

Here we are, three days past the due date. I am anxiously, nervously waiting for the arrival of my son. My son! I was not sure that I would ever use those words in that combination, but he is coming, and coming very soon. Still unamed with Kal Ellis as the forerunner. Last night I tried out Wilem Francis, but that received a less than overwhelming response.

I was surprised as can be when Lizz accepted Clark Kent's Kryptonian name as a possiblity. And then when she came up with Ellis as a middle name, completing the Kal-El combo, I was besides myself. She had no idea about the House of El and even after I explained to her she didn't recoil in horror. So perhaps we will welcome Kal Ellis Prisco into the world in a day or two.

Here we go again

Yes, yet another attempt to capture my thoughts. I feel good about this one.