Monday, January 19, 2009

Elvis Show 2009 - And It Begins!

Saturday, January 12th - The first of two big "dress rehearsals" for the Elvis Show took place and a great time was had by all. It was great to see some folks that I haven't seen since the last Elvis Show and to meet a few for the first time. The Purple Gang was ready, willing and able - its always a treat to get a chance to play with Mike Bifulco, Sean O'Neill and Memphis Mike. We got to hear a couple of our second-generation singers, while a few more of the younger ones came to support their moms and/or dads. Liam had a ball, though he was probably more interested in playing with Baby D, then watching the band. Big thanks to our hosts, Tom and Heidy for opening their house for this inspired bit of madness. Things are coming together nicely and I really think this is going to be among the best shows we've done. Next up is a little get together with the Hornets and then the Blaggards step up to the plate with another dozen vocalists or so!