Monday, July 27, 2009

Garden Party

I am such a sucker when it comes to big ass rock and roll shows, so of course I had to take a shot at some tickets for the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame's birthday celebration scheduled for late October. It didn't take too much arm twisting - after all Bruce is headlining the bill, or at least I assume he is the headliner - along with Stevie Wonder, Paul Simon (with and without Garfunkle), and the oddly billed Crosby, Still, Nash and Friends. I am also assuming that Neil Young isn't among their friends and from what I've read, Stephan Stills has no friends left. The show is the first of a two night stand, the second night offering up the interesting bill of Eric Clapton, Aretha Franklin, U2 and Metallica.

From what I gather, each of the performers will bring on special guests to perform, all of which I assume (a lot of assumptions here) are members of the Hall. The way I see it the first night will get a good number of R&B, folk and rock and rollers, while the second night will see more of the blues and rock guys. I can see Chuck Berry being back by the E Street Band as opposed to Metallica - but one never does know what they have planned for these types of events.

Tickets ran from $79 up to "once-in-a-lifetime" VIP packages costing up to $100,000. Whoa. Considering that you're getting the same show as everyone else, that additional $99921 better come with more than a goodie bag - or a really good goodie bag.

I tried for the $79 seats, 4 at first - no go. Then 2, still no go. I jumped up to the next price point - $150 - and got two seats, right at the halfway point of the Garden and all the way up in the very top section! Where the heck were the $79 seats - outside? I checked later in the day and you could still get a couple of the $2500 seats. All for a good cause, mind you. The whole shabang will be edited down for an HBO special. Careful with those closeups - most of this crew doesn't look so good in HD these days.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Big Mac

Lizz and I went to see Paul on Saturday night at Citifield. It was my first trip to that ball park and I will have to go back to actually see it as a ball park. They built a small city right on the field for Paul and his band and a few thousand friends. We met some friends before the show, including Lizz's cousin Steve who put out quite the spread. And we had beer.

I really don't think Paul has it in him to put on a bad show. To my ears, his voice is a strong as ever - and the songs, well the hits just keep coming. The thing I really like is that he has kept it to the small combo - two guitars, bass and drums with Wix on keyboards handling everything else - including fake saxophone! The band can rock hard, especially Abe Laboriel on drums.

Citifield looks pretty nice. I liked it best from outside - it looks like some sort of gigantic steamship (insert sinking joke here). The lack of a Mets presence throughout is pretty weird. I went to The Stadium the next day for Old Timer's Day thanks to my pal Mike Winter. I like that place a lot better.