Friday, October 22, 2004

Just a few words about the Yankees

First of all - and this is most definitely not sour grapes - the wildcard sucks. Why would we want to reward anyone for coming in second? It's almost un-American. I guess it's here to stay, but they could have easily added another division and had winners play winners, not also-rans. But anyway ...

We were beaten, badly. It was somewhat of a miracle that we even got that far with the miserable excuse of a pitching staff we put on the field this year. Boston's staff - with the exception of Pedro - was awesome.

Now Boston fans have to decide if this was the "greatest collapse" or the "greatest comeback" in baseball history. Either way they are getting way ahead of themselves. Because St. Louis is going to kick their butts (i am calling it in 5) and when the dust settles on the 2004 baseball season, the Yankees will still have won the division, the Cards will have won the series and the Red Sox will be the holders of a meaningless ALCS championship, tainted by the inclusion of the wildcard.

And to all you idiotic Met fans who somehow manage to feel that the Yankee loss makes their pathetic existence any better - get lost and get a life.