Wednesday, July 14, 2004

A Son

Here we are, three days past the due date. I am anxiously, nervously waiting for the arrival of my son. My son! I was not sure that I would ever use those words in that combination, but he is coming, and coming very soon. Still unamed with Kal Ellis as the forerunner. Last night I tried out Wilem Francis, but that received a less than overwhelming response.

I was surprised as can be when Lizz accepted Clark Kent's Kryptonian name as a possiblity. And then when she came up with Ellis as a middle name, completing the Kal-El combo, I was besides myself. She had no idea about the House of El and even after I explained to her she didn't recoil in horror. So perhaps we will welcome Kal Ellis Prisco into the world in a day or two.

Here we go again

Yes, yet another attempt to capture my thoughts. I feel good about this one.