Monday, April 25, 2005

Maybe 2 Clowns and the Flying Elvi?

With Liam's first birthday soon approaching, Lizz and I have been knocking ideas about his party back and forth. I questioned the whole idea of making such a big deal about his first birthday. Don't get me wrong, it's an amazing milestone and the first of many in his life. But as far as celebrating I really don't think that he is going to get much out of any extra bells and whistles that we can throw up on that day. An extra bottle might make him happy, but that's about it. My thinking was to wait until he can absorb more of the situation, but I can see that my thinking is a bit off. The first birthday is to be celebrated and so we shall celebrate.

This weekend we attended a first birthday party for little Annalise, Lizz's cousin Lisa's third child. Lisa and Eugene are great people, loving parents and generous hosts and their affairs, while they seem to be a bit over the top, are always centered around their family and friends. I was surprised to see that they were hosting this one at home and calling it a "pizza party." Actually it was held in the street in front of their house. And while there was pizza there was also one of those giant bouncy castles. And a tent. And a popcorn machine. And a cotton candy machine. And a face painter. And sand art. And Barney. And goats and ducks. And ponies.

Liam, always interested in new surroundings, was most happy with his bottle.

Now we are not ones to get involved with a "can you top this" sort of thing. We had decided on holding the party at this room for rent at the Northport marina. Nice little room, hopefully some good food and a nice day by the water. Try as I may not to compare, all I can think of is jeez - what are we going to do? Lizz talked about having a face painter. What? No goats? No Ponies? No giant bouncy castle? Granted we won't have as many kids in attendance - and after all, it is all about the kids. Will Liam be upset because there won't be some guy in a smelly, bad fitting suit? Highly doubtful.

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