Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Hold On - The Kid Puts It On The Line!

After watching last night's showdown between the two Davids as they battled it out for the title ... anybody else think the boxing thing was really goofy? How great would it have been if Cook just laid the kid out with a right hook? "Dude! That was hot!!!" Anyway ... I must recant my last post and fess up that David Archuleta is not only going to win, but deserves to win. After all, as Simon constantly reminds us, this is a singing competition. That being said, I still miss Kristy Lee Cook and her perfect breasts.

Look at this kid. How can you not love him! He even smiles while doing one of those now famous American Idol "my appendix is about to burst" poses!

So let's wrap this up and look forward to the next one. Gosh, what surprises do they have in store for us? I'm holding out for a trap door with Simon's finger on the button.

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